Barbara Jordan Owner, Senior Consultant

Founder Barbara Jordan has been serving for-profit and not-for-profit organizations for over twenty-five years as an executive coach, consultant, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. In addition to her career as a consultant, Barbara has held leadership positions in manufacturing, banking, human services and on church staff. She has also worked in the education field. Her areas of specialty include leadership development, continuous improvement, culture change, strategic planning, team-building and leadership and personal style assessments. As a seasoned consultant, Barbara was consulting and coaching with senior leaders long before the title of “executive coach” was officially introduced as a profession.

Center for Coaching & Leadership Development was founded out of her strong personal desire to help individuals and organizations live and work in alignment with their mission, vision, values, strengths and passion. She believes that this alignment is what helps individuals and organizations grow in a healthy way.

Barbara especially enjoys working with leaders since they have such a great opportunity to positively impact so many others if they use their positions and influence effectively and with integrity. Her own passion for leadership became evident early in her life when her teachers voted to give her the William Danforth “I Dare You” leadership award her senior year.

Barbara believes that consultants, trainers and coaches should strive to ultimately work themselves out of a job by equipping the client and/or company with the necessary skills and information it lacked when it called in a consultant for help. She believes much of what an organization needs in order to get better is already in the hearts and heads of its people; it just needs to know how to unleash them and use them effectively.

When she’s not consulting, Barbara moonlights as a singer-songwriter and has produced several albums of original music. She also enjoys integrating music into her presentations and keynotes when it seems to be a good fit.

Professional Certifications

Owner Barbara Jordan has been certified in

  • Emotional Competency Assessment Consulting and Executive Coaching by the Hay Group
  • DiSC Personal Style Assessment
  • DDI Supervisory Training
  • Zenger-Miller Leadership Training
  • Thomas Kilman Conflict Style Inventory
  • Natural Church Development coach and consultant.

Results & Accomplishments

Culture & Process Change

  • Designed and conducted organizational interventions to implement a more participative work structure for a large office furniture company. Activities included the coordination of the corporate Work Climate Improvement survey/feedback process, and the development and presentation of a training program for managers, employees and facilitators. Facilitated numerous quality improvement meetings for production and office personnel.
  • Redesigned salaried and hourly performance appraisal systems for several large service and manufacturing companies. Activities included the development of new forms, revisions in the incentive systems, and the development and delivery of training programs to support the implementation.
  • Aided in the development of a sales incentive system and accompanying training for branch personnel in a large bank.
  • Assisted a division within a global network marketing organization in their effort to move to a more team-oriented work environment.


  • Designed and facilitated numerous strategic planning sessions at the corporate and departmental level.
  • Assisted numerous organizations in defining corporate and team vision, mission and values.

Training/Employee Development

  • Assisted in the development of a national award-winning apprenticeship training program for Eyelet Tool and Diemakers.
  • Developed and delivered a Telephone Skills/Customer Relations program for over 1,500 bank employees to address one of the identified improvement areas. Participants included employees from all levels of the bank, including executive team.
  • Developed a multilevel management development corporate training strategy for a 2,000 member manufacturing company.
  • Developed a career pathing and training plan for first line production supervisors.
  • Developed a training program to help manufacturing and/or human resource staff develop on-the-job training. Modules included job and task analysis instruction.
  • Assisted several manufacturing companies in developing a competency-based job skills training process that also assisted in helping them meet ISO 9000 requirements.
  • Published numerous articles in a national metal-stamping trade association journal regarding the assessment, development, implementation, and evaluation of employee development activities. Articles placed number one in reader survey for “most read.”
  • Developed and conducted a team training series for hundreds of employees and various manufacturing companies to help improve performance in work teams.
  • Developed and sold a customized program on communication and conflict management that was delivered to managers, supervisors and dealers for a large office furniture manufacturing company.
  • Designed and facilitated numerous retreats and problem-solving sessions for all levels of employees and management.
  • Assisted in the development of content for all break-out sessions at a national sales conference for a large office furniture manufacturer. Designed and facilitated train-the-trainer sessions for all presenters on developing content and presentation skills. Conference voted by attendees as “one of the best ever.” Special recognition given to my company by presenters for helping them be successful(this was the first time this award was ever given to a vendor).

Quality Improvement

  • Designed and facilitated a process to help generate new and improvement ideas for a national convenience store chain.
  • Designed and facilitated numerous team-building sessions for employees at all levels from first line employees to executive management.
  • Analyzed telecommunication system for a large bank, identified needs, and made recommendations for new and improved systems and services.


  • Analyzed and summarized work climate survey results from 2,000 members of a large pharmaceutical company and assisted in the communication of results to executive management and all staff members.
  • Designed and assisted in the implementation of a survey-feedback process for a large office furniture company involving employees at all levels in facilitation and quality improvement skills and activities.

Church Development

  • Provided staff leadership to a small group ministry that grew from 70 members to almost 400 members in two years. Activities included developing and delivering training to small group leaders, connecting members with groups, providing guidance and counsel to leaders and gathering and distributing resources to groups.
  • Served on church leadership team and participated in ministry development and planning.
  • Provided training on “people-development” topics including conflict resolution, team-building, personality-style, communication to various churches.
  • Facilitated strategic planning and ministry development planning sessions for churches.